Guacamelee! Secret Chapters and Rewards in 2

Guacamelee! 2 is a popular platform and fighting game. Players control Juan Aguirre, a magical wrestler, and try to stop the Great Alebrije. There are many hidden sections and rewards, combined with the exciting gameplay and colorful graphics of the game. In this article, Guacamelee! We’ll take a closer look at the hidden levels and rewards in 2.

Secret Sections

Guacamelee! 2 offers many secret sections to explore. These sections can be found in various areas of the game world and allow players to obtain extra items, power-ups and secret passages.

The first secret chapter is called “The Canal of Flowers”. To reach this area, players must find a mithril key with a floral pattern and place it in the locked lock on the area’s main gate. Rewards in this area include a new outfit, a strengthened attack ability, and extra life points.

Another secret area is called “The Temple of the Morning Temple”. In this area, players are given a special ability, “Intenso”. Intenso is used to add extra power to Juan’s powerful attacks. Additionally, a special boss fight in this area gives players a great reward.

These are just the two secret sections at the beginning. As the game progresses, it becomes possible to discover more secret sections, and these sections offer new power-ups, abilities and items.


Except for the secret sections, Guacamelee! 2 also has many rewards to be won. These rewards make players’ gameplay more fun and strengthen their characters.

Reward Description Moon Llama Outfit This reward gives Juan a chance to wear the Moon Llama costume. This outfit increases Juan’s attack power and enhances some of his abilities. Prairie Chicken Ending This reward grants the player the Prairie Chicken, a new animal form that Juan can transform into. The Prairie Hen can be used to access some secret areas and rewards. El Pollo Bomb This reward grants players a Prairie Hen form that can throw grenades. This reward can be used to defeat enemies in difficult battles or while traveling. El Infierno This trophy grants the player a special ability, the “El Infierno” attack. This attack allows Juan to deal a stronger blow against his enemies.

These rewards can be used to further customize the gaming experience and diversify the gameplay. Players can tailor the game to their own play style by choosing the reward they want.


Guacamelee! 2 is a game full of secret levels and rewards. Discovering secret sections gives players new abilities, power-ups and items, while rewards further enrich the gaming experience. By discovering these secret sections and rewards, players can transform Juan Aguirre into a stronger wrestler.

Guacamelee! In the colorful world of 2, you will have great pleasure exploring to find hidden sections and rewards. Discover these hidden secrets to transform yourself from an ordinary gamer to a legendary luchador!

“Guacamelee! 2” is a popular video game known for its outstanding combat mechanics and fun platforming elements. However, just fighting and jumping from platforms in the game may cause you to miss secret passages and rewards, many of which are waiting to be discovered. In this article, you can find detailed information about the secret sections in “Guacamelee! 2” and the rewards that discovering these sections can provide you.

Secret Sections

“Guacamelee! 2” has an impressive world map, with many secret sections in addition to the main missions. These secret sections offer additional features, power-ups, and items, although they are not required to progress in the game. Making an effort to find these sections can enrich your gaming experience and present you with extra challenges.

Secret levels in “Guacamelee! 2” often require you to have special abilities. Many levels require special abilities that allow your character to jump or climb walls. For example, an ability called “Right to Change” allows your character to change size. Thanks to this ability, you can access areas that you normally cannot reach and discover hidden sections.

Also, you may need to find secret keys for some secret sections. These keys are hidden in various areas of the map, and finding them allows you to explore the game world in more detail. Once you find the keys, you can access secret passages and dive into mysterious worlds.


Exploring hidden sections not only offers an exciting adventure, but also brings many useful rewards. New abilities, costumes and power-ups that will enable you to strengthen the game even further are among these rewards.

Reward Description New Abilities Secret sections allow your character to gain new abilities. These abilities give you an advantage by improving your combat skills or exploration abilities. Costumes Exploring hidden sections allows you to unlock different costumes. Costumes change your character’s appearance and, in some cases, provide additional features. Power-ups Secret passages offer different power-ups that can make your character stronger. For example, faster attacks or stronger hits.

Rewards are elements that diversify your gaming experience and give you the opportunity to personalize your character. In addition, the difficulties in the secret sections increase the replayability of the game and provide you with long-term entertainment.


Guacamelee! 2 is a game that never lacks the excitement of discovering mysterious portals and secret passages. While playing this game, you should take time to explore the secret sections as well as the main missions. Secret levels not only offer additional rewards, but also strengthen your character and make your gaming experience more satisfying. Are you ready to explore?

Chapter Hidden Rewards Chapter 1: Following the Enemies El Pollo Loco Costume Chapter 2: Rock Universe Aztechnology Costume Chapter 3: Forest of Death Hat Episode 6: Ale Place Esmeralda Costume Episode 7: Mayan Village Mayan Gods Costume Episode 8: Castle of the Adam’s Apple Jaguar Hat Episode 9: Spirit Storm Kraken Hoodie Episode 10: Return and Judgment El Muñeco Costume

Guacamelee! 2 is a popular video game known for its stunning graphics, thrilling fight scenes, and fun puzzles. A sequel to the first game, Guacamelee! 2 tells the adventures of Juan Aguacate, a lucha libre fighter. Players will guide Juan as he fights against a malevolent organization of violence and chaos, using his abilities to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.

Throughout the game, there is an exciting story that develops around Juan. Not only will you complete the relevant missions and reach the end of the levels, but it also offers the opportunity to discover hidden rewards and levels. These hidden rewards further enrich the players’ gaming experience and change the character’s appearance.

Secret Sections

Guacamelee! In 2, you can earn extra rewards by discovering secret sections. These levels diversify your gaming experience by taking you to different locations and difficulty levels outside of the main story.

Hidden Rewards Won

In many chapters, players can unlock secret rewards. These rewards allow the player to change their character’s costume or accessories. This is not just a visual change but also provides a more enjoyable experience while playing the game.

Below, Guacamelee! You can find a list of episodes in 2 and the secret rewards earned:

Chapter Hidden Rewards Chapter 1: Following the Enemies El Pollo Loco Costume Chapter 2: Rock Universe Aztechnology Costume Chapter 3: Forest of Death Hat Episode 6: Ale Place Esmeralda Costume Episode 7: Mayan Village Mayan Gods Costume Episode 8: Castle of the Adam’s Apple Jaguar Hat Episode 9: Spirit Storm Kraken Hoodie Episode 10: Return and Judgment El Muñeco Costume

In each episode, players obtain a different secret reward. These rewards not only change the appearance of the game character Juan Aguacate, but also increase some of the character’s abilities or add special features. For example, the El Pollo Loco Suit increases Juan’s attack power, while the Aztechnology Suit improves the character’s jumping ability.

In order to unlock hidden rewards in the game, it is necessary to solve some puzzles and find secret passages. For this, it is important to research the game world, discover passages hidden in the walls and make perfect movements on difficult surfaces.

Guacamelee! 2 offers players an exciting journey while also giving them the opportunity to pursue hidden rewards. You must not only complete the levels, but also be careful to discover the hidden sections and obtain the earned rewards. These rewards enable Juan to become a stronger fighter and make the gaming experience even more enjoyable.

Guacamelee! 2 is the second game of the successful platform game series Guacamelee! and invites game lovers to adventure in a different way. As in the first game, discovering secret areas and rewards is a great source of excitement in this game. In this article, Guacamelee! We will cover in detail the secret areas of 2 and the rewards you can earn by exploring them.

Hidden Chapters: New Ways to Explore

Guacamelee! 2 is a game that attracts attention with its magnificent graphics and challenging platform sections. As you guide your character through the main story, you should also pay attention to different paths to discover secret areas. These areas will reveal the mystery of the game and take you to new adventures where various rewards await.

You will need to use your platforming abilities and new powers you have obtained in the past to reach secret areas. Sometimes you may need special techniques, such as high jumps or wall running. In these parts of the game, where the difficulty level increases, it is important to be careful and make the right moves at the right time.

Rewards: Powerful Abilities and Extraordinary Costumes

The rewards you receive by reaching secret areas allow you to improve your character’s abilities and further enrich your gaming experience. In some areas, you can gain new attack combos or powerful fighting abilities. These abilities will give you a great advantage when overcoming your enemies.

Additionally, unique costumes found in secret areas are among the notable rewards in the game. These costumes change your character’s appearance and allow you to gain some unique abilities. For example, a costume might give you the abilities to run faster or jump higher. These rewards include Guacamelee!, which is more than just an ordinary platform game! It reveals the originality of 2.

Structure of Hidden Sections

Secret areas, Guacamelee! Carefully placed in the complex world of 2. To reach these areas, you may need to solve clever puzzles or discover hidden entrances. As you navigate the game world, it’s important to use powerful attacks that can knock down walls or combat combos that will reveal secret passages.

Some secret areas are unlocked by completing traditional platforming sections and collecting golden shreds. Exploring and completing these areas is very rewarding, as collecting golden nuggets is a key element to succeeding in the game.


Guacamelee! 2 offers players a challenging platforming experience to explore secret areas and earn rewards. These areas bring exciting rewards such as new attack combos and customizable costumes that will improve your character’s abilities. As the difficulty level of the game increases as you progress towards the future, you need to be careful to find and discover hidden areas. Guacamelee! 2’s secret areas offer players an unforgettable adventure and further deepen the gaming experience.

Guacamelee! 2 is the sequel to the original Guacamelee, a popular platform-fighting game. This game, which takes players to a world full of Mexican culture and fun fighting mechanics, is full of different achievements. However, the game’s hidden achievements are also noteworthy, and players must be strategic and careful to achieve these achievements.

Secret Chapters and Rewards

Guacamelee! Secret levels in 2 are special locations that players must find secret passages to explore and complete. These chapters provide players with extra content and rewards, as well as further deepening the game’s story.

To access hidden sections, players must be careful and follow the clues around them. These chapters are often found separated from the flow of the main story and may require players to use a particular skill or find a secret path.

When you complete a secret chapter, the game offers you a reward. These rewards can be cosmetic items such as new hats or costumes, or power-ups that increase the difficulty of the game and give you special abilities.

Secret Achievements

Guacamelee! Secret achievements in 2 can be obtained by players completing certain tasks or meeting special conditions. These achievements provide satisfaction to players as extras that diversify the gaming experience.

Some secret achievements can be obtained through simple tasks, such as the player completing the story mode or surviving a certain level for a certain amount of time. However, some achievements may require the player to master the game’s mechanics or solve puzzles.

Each secret achievement increases your game score total and also provides a sense of experience and accomplishment in itself. These achievements also increase the replayability of the game and encourage players to try different play styles.

List of Hidden Achievements and Awards

Achievement Description Reward Complete a secret level in El Pollo Real Los Manglares El Pollo Loco hat Platform Expert Disable the platform accelerator in El Macho Train Extra challenge: Super Turbo Championship Edition Ball Bounce Champion Find the secret basketball court in Caldera de los Chivos basketball costume

  • El Pollo Real: To get this achievement, you need to complete a secret level in the Los Manglares area. As a reward, you receive the El Pollo Loco hat, which changes your character’s appearance.
  • Platform Expert: This achievement is obtained by disabling the platform booster in the El Macho Train area. As a reward, the game offers you an extra level of difficulty: Super Turbo Championship Edition. More difficult enemies and puzzles await at this level.
  • Ball Bounce Champion: This achievement, where you must find a hidden basketball court in the Caldera de los Chivos area, offers a basketball costume reward. You can make your gaming experience even more fun by wearing this costume.

Guacamelee! 2’s secret levels and achievements provide players with an extra experience of challenge and exploration. To achieve these achievements, it is important to explore the game’s world more carefully and use the game’s mechanics skillfully. Remember, secret levels and achievements increase the replayability of the game and give you the opportunity to experience all the game has to offer.

Guacamelee! 2 is a popular platform game where players embark on an unforgettable adventure in an exciting world. The game allows players to control Juan Aguacate, a powerful luchador, and immerses him in a fascinating blend of Mexican culture. However, the real secret of the game is that it is full of secret compartments and valuable rewards.

The Importance of Secret Compartments and Rewards

Secret compartments provide players with the opportunity to explore the game and obtain more power-ups. To find these compartments, players must think carefully, solve puzzles, and use various abilities. It also includes secret compartments, more challenging enemies and obstacles, so it’s a great opportunity for players to hone their skills and prepare themselves for later parts of the game.

The reward system of the game is also quite satisfactory. Players who successfully complete the secret compartments earn rare and powerful items. These items can increase Juan’s abilities, boosting his health or combat abilities. Additionally, rewards found may also include cosmetic items that change the character’s appearance, so players can enjoy an even more personalized experience.

Tips for Finding Hidden Sections

It is not possible to earn rewards without finding the secret compartments. Therefore, it is important for players to explore the game world with their attention and follow the clues. Here’s Guacamelee! Here are some tips for finding some secret compartments in 2:

1. Pay Attention to Timing

Some secret compartments appear within a certain period of time. Especially in difficult platform sections, you may need to reach the secret compartment within a certain time. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to timing, using your jumping and running skills carefully.

2. Look Carefully at the Walls

Some secret compartments are hidden behind a special wall that looks like an ordinary wall. Carefully moving along the wall and capturing details in the background can increase your chances of finding secret passages or moving walls.

3. Use Skills

You may need to use Juan’s different abilities appropriately to find the secret compartments. For example, you can open a secret passage by hitting the ground with the Salto Bomb, or destroy obstacles using the energy thrown by the Dragon Onion. Using your abilities at the right time will give you the chance to reach secret compartments.

Discover Mexican Culture with Unforgettable Awards

Guacamelee! Another great thing about the secret compartments and rewards in 2 is that they immerse players even more deeply into Mexican culture. Prizes include outfits, masks and accessories inspired by Mexican legends. These rewards help players further connect themselves to the in-game world and provide a unique character experience.

Additionally, some rewards provide players with new abilities and power-ups. For example, a powerful sword obtained as a reward allows Juan to attack his enemies more effectively. All of these rewards reward you for the effort you put into secret compartments and exploration.


Guacamelee! 2 is a game that offers an unforgettable adventure in an exciting world where secret compartments are discovered. Finding secret compartments and earning rewards allows players to test their skills and explore the game world more deeply. Additionally, rewards that touch on Mexican culture allow players to become even more invested in the game. Therefore, Guacamelee! It’s important not to overlook the value of secret compartments and rewards when playing 2.

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