Official Add-ons and DLCs for Stray Game

Stray is an adventure game planned to be released in 2022. It tells the story of a stray cat who gets lost in a city ruled by inhuman robots. While the game is set to offer players an immersive experience, it will also offer a number of official add-ons and DLC.


With the release of the game, players will have access to official add-ons that will further enrich their experience. Add-ons can be used for a variety of purposes, such as expanding the game world, adding new quests and characters, or improving game mechanics. Here are some expected official additions for the Stray game:

  • New Region: This add-on adds a new region to the game and will offer a new environment for the stray cat character to explore. New locations added to the game will allow players to explore more and discover new areas in the adventure.
  • New Missions: With new missions that make the Stray game more exciting, players will experience more adventures outside the main story. These additional missions will test the player’s abilities to improve the character’s skills.
  • New Characters: This add-on adds new characters to Stray’s game world and will further enrich the story. Players will be able to interact with different characters and perhaps improve their relationships in the game universe by helping them.
  • New Costumes: New costumes will be among the official add-ons for the Stray game. Players will be able to use these add-ons to change the cat’s appearance and add personalization to the game world.


Following the successful launch of Stray, official DLCs will also be released to bring more content to fans of the game. DLCs ​​are additional content packs that can be purchased separately and enhance the base game. Here are some official DLCs expected for the Stray game:

  • New Story: This DLC will add a completely new story to the game, allowing players to experience more adventures in the Stray universe. The new story will bring a breath of fresh air after completing the main story of the game.
  • Additional Tools and Equipment: This DLC will add additional tools and equipment to the Stray game, further enriching the gameplay. Players will be able to move faster with new vehicles or interact with new items.
  • New Difficulty Mode: For those who want to go beyond Stray’s current difficulty level, this DLC will introduce a new game mode that makes the game more challenging. Players can try this challenge mode to further test their skills.
  • Digital Content Pack: This DLC will deliver digital content that changes the game world. New graphics, effects or music can be used to add a different atmosphere to the Stray game.

Purchases and Discounts

Official add-ons and DLCs for Stray will be available for purchase on various platforms upon launch. Players can access add-ons and DLCs through the game’s official website or digital gaming platforms.

Additionally, official discounts may occur after the game is released. Especially after a while after the game’s release, official add-ons and DLCs may be offered at a discount. During these discount periods, players will be able to improve their gaming experiences at more affordable prices.

Add-ons Price New Region 19.99 TL New Missions 14.99 TL New Characters 9.99 TL New Costumes 4.99 TL

Note: The above prices are estimates and may change.

The official add-ons and DLCs expected for the Stray game will allow players to further improve and expand the gaming experience. Additional content and innovations will encourage players to embark on a longer and more exciting journey through the world of the game.

Stray has become one of the most popular games recently. In this exciting adventure, game lovers give life to a stray cat and travel through a dangerous and mysterious city. In addition to Stray being a great success, the developers of the game are constantly working to provide a richer experience to their users with new add-ons and DLCs. In this article, we will take a closer look at the new features and content offered by the team that developed the Stray game.

Add-on Packages

Add-on packages added to Stray offer players new missions, characters and areas. The developers of the game aim to expand the Stray universe and offer different experiences to its users. Here are some popular add-on packs added to Stray:

  • Night Missions Pack

    This pack offers players new missions that take place during the night time period. Solve the secret hidden under the street lamps or embark on a mysterious adventure on the night streets.

  • New Character Pack

    This pack offers players the opportunity to unlock a new character to the game world. The new character will give players different abilities and powers and take the adventure in the Stray universe to a new dimension.

  • Expanded City Areas

    This package, which takes players deeper, adds new regions, streets and buildings to the main map of the game. By exploring more of Stray’s world, you can uncover more mysteries.


The DLCs added to Stray further enhance the core elements of the game. These DLCs usually contain new stories, characters and different features that will enrich the player experience. Here are some DLCs available for Stray:

  • Adventurer Outfit Pack

    This DLC offers players different styles of adventurous outfits. You can customize your stray cat as you wish and have style in the game world.

  • New Challenge Mode

    This DLC offers players more challenging missions and enemies. It is an ideal option for those who want to experience Stray at a more challenging level.

  • Story Expansion Pack

    This DLC offers players the opportunity to further expand the game’s main story. Meet new characters, solve mysteries, and delve deeper into the story of the Stray universe.

Pricing and Discounts

Add-on packs and DLCs for Stray can often be purchased separately. Prices may vary depending on content and features offered. However, the developers of the game offer advantages to users by regularly offering discounts. For example, on Stray’s one-year anniversary, all add-ons and DLCs were offered at a 50% discount.

Add-on/DLC Price Reduced Price Night Quests Pack $9.99 $4.99 New Character Pack $14.99 $9.99 Adventurer Outfit Pack $4.99 $2.99 ​​Story Expansion Pack $19.99 $14.99


Stray continues to be a game that further enriches the gaming experience through add-on packs and DLCs. To avoid boring repetition and increase excitement, Stray’s developers regularly introduce new features. With even more add-ons and DLC expected in the future, Stray will continue to provide fans with endless adventure.

Stray is a game that has been greatly appreciated in the gaming world in recent years and has gained a large fan base. The official add-ons and DLCs that the development team added to the game also played a big role behind the success of the game. Official additional packages of the Stray game offer content that further enriches the atmosphere, story and gameplay of the game.

Add-on 1: “The Lost Chronicles”

The Lost Chronicles is the first official expansion pack for the Stray game and offers players an in-depth story experience. This expansion focuses on the history of the main game and gives players the opportunity to explore the Stray universe even more deeply. New quests, characters and areas are added, offering players adventures beyond the main story.

Plugin 2: “Urban Jungle”

Urban Jungle is the second official addition to the Stray game and offers players the opportunity to experience a new adventure in the urban world. Players explore and fight different types of enemies in a new city area added to the main game. This add-on changes the atmosphere of Stray, providing players with a different experience.

Add-on 3: “The Vault of Secrets”

The Vault of Secrets is the third official expansion pack for the game Stray and gives players the opportunity to journey into a mysterious underground labyrinth. This addon offers players an experience full of challenging puzzles and tests players’ skills. New weapons, abilities, and rewards are also added, offering players even more replayability.

Add-on 4: “Racing Rivals”

Racing Rivals is the fourth official add-on to the Stray game and offers players exciting races. Players can compete with other players using the vehicles in the main game and try to get to the top of the leaderboard. This add-on offers players a new experience by making Stray’s gameplay more competitive.

DLC 1: “The Forgotten Lands”

The Forgotten Lands is the first major DLC added to the Stray game, offering players an expanding game world. This DLC continues the story of the main game and adds new characters, missions and locations, offering players a longer gameplay period. The Forgotten Lands further deepens Stray’s universe, providing players with an unforgettable experience.

DLC 2: “Nightmare Realm”

Nightmare Realm is the second major DLC added to the Stray game, offering players an even more frightening experience. Players try to deal with tougher enemies they will encounter while fighting in nightmarish environments. This DLC introduces a new narrative and stunning visuals that change the atmosphere of the Stray game.

Add-on / DLC Name Release Date The Lost Chronicles 1 June 2022 Urban Jungle 15 August 2022 The Vault of Secrets 30 October 2022 Racing Rivals 8 January 2023 The Forgotten Lands 20 April 2023 Nightmare Realm 5 July 2023

Official add-ons and DLCs added to the Stray game expand the boundaries of the game, enriching the gaming experience of players. Thanks to these contents, it is possible for Stray players to embark on new adventures in the game world and to better understand the atmosphere of Stray. Each additional pack or DLC provides players with different experiences and gameplay.

Official add-ons and DLCs offered by Stray’s developer attract great attention among fans of the game and further expand the Stray universe. The new stories and side quests that these expansions and DLCs bring to the game allow players to dive deeper into the world of Stray.

Stray is an adventure game that has been met with great interest in the gaming world lately. Stray offers a unique experience that allows players to explore the world through the eyes of a cat. Players must make friends, solve mysteries, and make discoveries in a unique city as they fight to survive as a cat lost in a dangerous city.

One reason the game is successful is that it offers official add-ons and DLCs with constantly updated content. In this article, we will review the most popular DLCs released by the developer for the game Stray.

1. “Lost in the City” DLC

The “Lost in the City” DLC further expands the gaming experience by providing players with a different story line. With this DLC, players go in search of a lost group of cats who were forced to leave their village. Packed with new characters, areas and missions, this DLC further deepens Stray’s universe and delivers a fresh experience.

DLC Features Added Contents New Story A mysterious adventure to find the cat group New Characters Recycled villains and friends New Regions Challenging areas and secret spots to explore

2. “Cat Costume Collection” DLC

The “Cat Costume Collection” DLC offers players unique costumes to customize the cat’s appearance. This DLC allows players to change the cat’s style and gives them a different appearance and gameplay experience in the game. If you want to add a new freshness to the game by changing your cat’s costume, this DLC is for you!

DLC Features Added Content Costume Variety Various themes, colors and styles Impact on Gameplay Some costumes provide special abilities and advantages Cat Personality Personalize your cat as you wish

3. “Challenging Puzzles” DLC

The “Challenging Puzzles” DLC presents players with challenging puzzles and encourages them to use their mental abilities as well as their exploration. With this DLC content, players must solve puzzles hidden in different locations and earn rewards. Puzzles of increasing difficulty make Stray’s gameplay even more interesting.

DLC Features Added Content Challenging Puzzles Various puzzles with increasing levels Rewards Special rewards earned as you solve puzzles Time Limits Experience of solving puzzles by racing against time

Official add-ons and DLCs for the game Stray offer players the opportunity to expand and enrich the gaming experience. You can dive into a new story with the “Lost in the City” DLC, customize your cat’s appearance with the “Cat Costume Collection” DLC, and test your mental abilities with the “Challenging Puzzles” DLC. These DLCs increased Stray’s popularity and offered players the opportunity to become more immersed in the game’s world.

Stray is a highly anticipated video game. Set in a world far removed from humanity, this game offers players the opportunity to control a robot cat. Stray’s exciting story and atmosphere are among the factors that attract players. In this article, we will talk in detail about the official add-ons and DLCs available for the game Stray.

1. “Exploration Pack” Add-on

“Exploration Pack”, the first official add-on added to the Stray game, offers players the opportunity to further enhance their exploration experience. Thanks to the add-on, more areas to be explored in the game world are opened and new tasks are offered. Additionally, players are offered various rewards and bonuses.

2. “New Characters” Plugin

This add-on, which offers new characters that players can meet in the world of Stray, enriches the atmosphere of the game. The new characters that come with the add-on offer players different storytelling and interaction opportunities. This increases the replayability of the game.

3. “Challenge Mode” DLC

This DLC offers players a more challenging and competitive experience. Challenge Mode features challenging challenges that test players’ skills. In addition, the game also features new enemies and challenges. This DLC is ideal for players who want to increase the replayability of the game.

4. “Cosmetic Pack” Add-on

Stray’s add-on called “Cosmetic Pack” allows players to customize their characters. With this add-on, players can change the cat’s appearance and use different costumes and accessories. This gives players the opportunity to personalize their gaming experience and express themselves.

5. “New Storyline” DLC

The “New Storyline” DLC adds a completely new story to the game. Players have the opportunity to go beyond the main game and embark on new adventures. This DLC increases the long-term playability of the game and offers new discoveries to players.


Add-on/DLC Name Content Exploration Pack New areas, missions and rewards New Characters New characters and interactive story Challenge Mode Challenging missions, new enemies Cosmetic Pack Character customization options New Storyline A completely new story

These official add-ons and DLCs added to the Stray game further enrich the gaming experience and offer different opportunities to players. Filled with discoveries, characters and challenges, these add-ons further connect players to the world of Stray. If you are a fan or enthusiast of the Stray game, we recommend that you do not miss these add-ons.

Official Add-ons and DLCs for Stray Game: Players’ Favorite Stray is a video game released in 2021 and developed specifically for PlayStation 5. It takes players into the adventures of the cat, a sweet hero who wanders around an abandoned city and tries to survive as a stray cat. The game’s unique concept and impressive visual style have been enough to attract a wide range of players and gain popularity.

Importance of Add-ons and DLCs for Stray Game

Stray offers official add-ons and DLCs to add innovations to the original game experience and provide players with more content. These additional packages have been developed to keep the game constantly interesting, increase replayability and offer fans the opportunity to make new discoveries. Let’s take a look at the game’s most popular DLCs currently available.

1. Stray Plugin: “Cat Review: Mysterious Ways”

This add-on adds a new chapter to the main story, allowing players to experience deeper exploration. “Cat Investigation: Mysterious Paths” takes players into an abandoned maze and requires them to solve various puzzles. This DLC satisfied the existing fan base by increasing the game’s atmosphere and difficulty level.

2. Stray Addon: “New Friends: The Dogs’ Journey”

This add-on called “New Friends: The Dogs’ Journey” brings players a new perspective on the cat’s experiences. Players start playing as a stray dog ​​and go on adventures alongside the cat. This DLC offers players the opportunity to experience the game’s world in a different way and allows them to interact with canine characters with unique abilities.

3. Stray Addon: “City Challenge: Mini Games”

The add-on called “City Challenge: Mini Games” offers players the opportunity to play different mini games in the Stray world. This DLC allows players to develop new skills and pass the time with fun challenges. The variety of mini-games and their difficulty levels are designed to keep players occupied for a long time. The official add-ons and DLCs of the game Stray have made a huge impact on players. These add-ons further enrich players’ gaming experience and increase playability. The “Cat Review: Mysterious Ways” DLC, which gave a new perspective to the cat’s adventures in the city, allowed players to test their mental skills. The “New Friends: Journey of Dogs” add-on excited the fans of the game and expanded the experience of the players by offering the opportunity to play with dog characters. Players now discover the world of Stray with a new eye. Additionally, the “City Challenge: Mini Games” add-on offers players a fun journey by providing mini-game experience. These mini games allow players to compete and improve their skills. Players encounter fun and exciting challenges as they spend more time in the world of Stray.


Official add-ons and DLCs for Stray are designed to enhance the gaming experience. DLCs ​​such as “Cat Review: Mysterious Ways”, “New Friends: The Dogs’ Journey” and “City Challenge: Mini Games” allow players to experience the world of Stray in a different way, while also ensuring that the game remains popular. Stray players can experience an even more satisfying gaming experience thanks to these add-ons.

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